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January, 2021


Glass Cases Unleash “Chemicals” Video

Colorado-based music trio Glass Cases release visuals for their single “Chemicals.” The track invites listeners/viewers into a personal realm of inner conflict and mental health. Glass Cases, made up of vocalist Alex Van Keulen, spoken word artist Austin Seifert, and drummer Cameron Greene, are coined for their ingenious music contributions to Pop/synth-Rock culture and “Chemicals” is no exception. The video shot at an abandoned gas station ideally sets the tone for minutes of gripping lyrics. While the tempo throughout the track invigorates and shakes the soul, it also amplifies aRead More

Vic Monroe & Tone Spliff Release ‘Marinade’ (LP & Video)

Vic Monroe and Tone Spliff release an emcee/producer project titled ‘Marinade.’ The 7-track album features Milano Constantine (DITC), Innocent?, Freddie Black, and is available on major platforms. Spliff provides Hip Hop heads with a polished arrangement of piano keys, horns, knocking bass, soul, and classic cuts while Monroe delivers fresh rhymes and clever wordplay. Stream ‘Marinade’ on Bandcamp and watch the official video below. Connect with Vic Monroe and Tone Spliff on all platforms below. Vic Monroe:​ Tone Spliff

RoseJay, CEO of Jaglife, Releases New Music

Written by: Julz Mancini The beauty of possessing a passion is having the ability to utilize it to push you in ways you could have never imagined. Some succumb to the obstacles and struggles they are faced with throughout life. However, I have come to learn that many creatives typically overcome their battles via their gifts, allowing them to pursue their dreams in full throttle.  RoseJay, a rapper from Queens, New York, is an individual whom refused to fall victim to adversity. Instead, he used it as his driving forceRead More

“Deposits” Official Video Jamel Deon feat. Rob Monday and Noah Devon

Toast Up With The Salue, Rags To Riches At A Hot Pursuit. Glitz And Glamour, Fantasies As The Prime View. N*ggas See The TMC Rock It Thug Style, Bankrolls With The KNOTS, Make It Worth While… The Official Music Video for “Deposits (I Want It All)” by Jamel Deon featuring Rob Monday and Noah Devon (Formerly Known As Kajuan) Jamel Deon pays homage to his positive role model and dedication to the hustle. The video displays the origin of The Hustle With Me Tape AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOW! A deep rootedRead More

Nymrod Unveils Educated Music EP & Take You There Video

NY’s own vetted artist Nymrod releases his latest project ‘Educated Music.’ The 9-track EP features Durgaveli, H.E.R., Misch, Mellow, and Citi The King Debanaire. As per the title, Nymrod delivers a lyrical guidebook on love, life, and success over a kaleidoscope of R&B blends, soul, striking basslines, and classic Hip Hop cadences. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite off the EP, there are some stand out tracks including “The Worst” featuring Durgaveli. The duo embodies the ups and downs of relationships, lack of communication, and inevitably the debate ofRead More

Fressh Wit 2SS- A Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

Written by: Julz Mancini Living during a time where the world is at our finger tips, music artists have the opportunity and ability to learn about anything. When beginning the journey as a music artist, some creatives are primarily interested in recording music in hopes of becoming the next big thing. However, I have had the privilege of meeting several artists whom eventually branch out, abandoning their comfort zone while exploring alternative avenues within other industries.  I had the honor of speaking with an artist whom goes by the nameRead More

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