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Mercury & The Architects bring us “Autopilot” Official Music Video

Rebellion has never sounded this sexy! The nonconformant anthem of 2020, “Autopilot” depicts the perfect scene for how the pandemic has made some of us feel. We do not encourage destruction or violence but there is a certain level of intellect that requires what Mercury & The Architects portray in the Official Video here.

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Also be sure to check out the lyrics so you can sing along in the description on their YouTube channel.

Music and Movie by Mercury & The Architects

Performances by Mercury, LYNZI, and Rae

Videography by Cody Jay ©2020 MercuryRae Productions Inc.

“We don’t ever walk through the motions

We’re the only ones left still driving

We ain’t gonna just lose this moment

We ain’t ever on Autopilot

We don’t believe in what get’s attention

We ain’t gonna just run from sirens

We’re the only one’s asking questions We ain’t ever on Autopilot”

“Autopilot” Mercury & The Architects

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