Sicker Than Most is the epitome of vibes! Crowds express that each member has their own original sound and stage presence, at every event. Booking shows from New Hampshire to Massachusetts and planning to pop out at YOUR local venue. Make sure to use the hashtag #SupportYourLocalANYTHING to turn up with the STM squad.

If you are a Spotify user follow the Sicker Than Most playlist! Recommend to a friend and sign up for the email newsletter to get EXCLUSIVE MERCH, MUSIC RELEASES and MORE! Let us know which tracks you’re feeling.

Twitter is one of the fastest ways to keep up with the team! We keep it moving #AllGasNoBrakes so follow the movement. Sicker Than Most is a growing Entertainment Company within the realm of merchandise, content creation, production and most importantly a day to day lifestyle. How Sick?!? Sicker Than Most!

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