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YRK Da Rapper Spreads Important Messages Through Music

New Jersey native, YRK Da Rapper, has had his heart set on transitioning his love for music into a career. Through his most difficult times he depended on music as his crutch to carry him through every obstacle he encountered.  For the young rapper, he doesn’t only have his heart set on money. He has goals to utilize his gift for the greater good. That is the reason so many of us turn to music; because of the messages it instills in our brains and hearts.  YRK has a storyRead More

Fans Thrilled With Nikko Tesla’s New Album “Black Hill Ave 2”

Written by: Julz Mancini It is a beautiful gift, not only to fall in love with music naturally, but to be surrounded by musically inclined family whom want to see you succeed as they have. Nikko Tesla, was not only humbled by a harsh environment every time he stepped outside, but also loved by his aunt and disco legend, Gloria Gaynor, singer of hit songs such as, “I Will Survive”and “Never Can Say Goodbye” and mother Sondra Simon, lead singer of Simon Said. Nikko had the best of both worldsRead More

New Banger Alert! “For Me” By Pyro Traxx Out Now!

Written by: Julz Mancini When I ask artists what their earliest memory of hip hop is, vivid thoughts consume their brains as if it were yesterday that their love for music was created. As the artist begins to explain the birth of their passion, I can envision their memories as if it were happening right before my eyes. It is possible, that due to my love for music, it comes naturally to resonate with the artist’s undeniable attachment to it. As I spoke with Pyro Traxx, he immediately pinpointed hisRead More

K-Quick Releases New Album “Asylum”

Written by: Julz Mancini From childhood, we experience numerous obstacles, predicaments, and triumphs throughout our journey to finding our purpose. Some do not find their purpose until long after childhood. However, there are children who are immediately drawn to something specific; something that feeds their soul.  Keone K-Quick Reed, a singer, rapper, and songwriter, learned from an early age that he had a good ear for music. Surrounded by numerous music genres such as R&B, gospel, hip hop, rock, pop, and reggae, K-Quick developed into an eclectic artist whom displaysRead More

RoseJay, CEO of Jaglife, Releases New Music

Written by: Julz Mancini The beauty of possessing a passion is having the ability to utilize it to push you in ways you could have never imagined. Some succumb to the obstacles and struggles they are faced with throughout life. However, I have come to learn that many creatives typically overcome their battles via their gifts, allowing them to pursue their dreams in full throttle.  RoseJay, a rapper from Queens, New York, is an individual whom refused to fall victim to adversity. Instead, he used it as his driving forceRead More

Fressh Wit 2SS- A Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

Written by: Julz Mancini Living during a time where the world is at our finger tips, music artists have the opportunity and ability to learn about anything. When beginning the journey as a music artist, some creatives are primarily interested in recording music in hopes of becoming the next big thing. However, I have had the privilege of meeting several artists whom eventually branch out, abandoning their comfort zone while exploring alternative avenues within other industries.  I had the honor of speaking with an artist whom goes by the nameRead More

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