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Independent Record Label “The Presidential Cartel” Shares Their Story

Written by: Julz Mancini Developed in 2016 by Javontay Jones, The Presidential Cartel is now one of the most sought after independent labels in the music scene. Their passion and ability to formulate the perfect blueprint for their artists has placed them in the spotlight. Focusing on brand and artist development, marketing, and content, the label has ensured the success of its roster of artists. The label’s roster includes, Lil Twin, 88, Diesel Slaughter, Rare Kompany, and Dennis Phly, all of whom have extremely loyal fanbases. All of them haveRead More

YRK Da Rapper Spreads Important Messages Through Music

New Jersey native, YRK Da Rapper, has had his heart set on transitioning his love for music into a career. Through his most difficult times he depended on music as his crutch to carry him through every obstacle he encountered.  For the young rapper, he doesn’t only have his heart set on money. He has goals to utilize his gift for the greater good. That is the reason so many of us turn to music; because of the messages it instills in our brains and hearts.  YRK has a storyRead More

Zeus Entertainment Prepares for 2021 Alabama Music Awards

Written by: Julz Mancini As the world opens up again, the Alabama Music Awards prepares to hold their annual event! Jermaine Garret, AKA Zeus, is the CEO of Zeus Entertainment in which is responsible for the organization and presentation of the award show. He has certainly made a name for himself within his community as he has not only launched the Alabama Music Awards, but is also a voice for those in need via his nonprofit organization titled, “IIIZ”. The AMAs is one of the most sought after galas inRead More

New Banger Alert! “For Me” By Pyro Traxx Out Now!

Written by: Julz Mancini When I ask artists what their earliest memory of hip hop is, vivid thoughts consume their brains as if it were yesterday that their love for music was created. As the artist begins to explain the birth of their passion, I can envision their memories as if it were happening right before my eyes. It is possible, that due to my love for music, it comes naturally to resonate with the artist’s undeniable attachment to it. As I spoke with Pyro Traxx, he immediately pinpointed hisRead More

Dertee- A Reggae Artist On The Rise

Written by: Julz Mancini As our passion for music transitions into a pursuit for a career as artists, some veer off, forgetting about the primary reason why they picked up a pen and paper. Some even forget where they come from, detaching from their natural roots. There are artists, however, that remain true to themselves throughout their musical journey. Narada Rosę AKA Dertee was born in St. Andrew’s, Jamaica and eventually relocated to England with his family. He is an artist whom consistently keeps his unique and diverse sound withinRead More

“Pain No Mo”- New Visual by B-EZ

Written by: Julz Mancini Struggle and hardships typically catapult an artist’s creativity, turning them to pen, paper, and a beat in hopes of alleviating their pain. With the world’s most recent turmoil, many creatives have found different ways of utilizing their craft developing songs based on current events. Audiences, who once yearned for the perfect party track, are now searching for music that helps them through poor health, financial strain, and quarantine.  B-EZ, Staten Island, NY native has recently released the song “Pain No Mo’” and its official music video.Read More

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