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Jamel Deon “Just Another Intro” Official Video

Las Vegas has another anthem to put Nevada on the map, thanks to Jamel Deon. “Just Another Intro” Official Music Video has been circulating the web and the Hustle With Me EP is busting with more gems so check this out. Entrepreneurs everywhere are bumping “Just Another Intro” to get charged up for the long days getting paid. Inspiring music that reminds you of the tasks at hand and most importantly WHY… Why you get out of bed every day to run it up. Loved ones, trials and tribulations thatRead More

Mercury & The Architects bring us “Autopilot” Official Music Video

Rebellion has never sounded this sexy! The nonconformant anthem of 2020, “Autopilot” depicts the perfect scene for how the pandemic has made some of us feel. We do not encourage destruction or violence but there is a certain level of intellect that requires what Mercury & The Architects portray in the Official Video here. Follow Mercury & The Architects for more, Click to stream song-‚Äč Also be sure to check out the lyrics so you can sing along in the description on their YouTube channel. Music and Movie byRead More

“One That I Need” World Premiere @Just603HIPHOP

J.U.S.T (Just Understand STruggle) has released the Official Music Video for “One That I Need” and TalentWav.Online has the World Premiere RIGHT HERE! Tell a friend to tell a friend and make sure to subscribe to the Official YouTube Channel and follow on all social media @JUST603HIPHOP